Won our Second 2015 Cricket Match !!!


Hurrah Hurrah Hurrah!!!

#Sparkling_Stars again won against #PUBLIC_IX and this time by 6 wickets. It was a dashing match. But sad to say that we falled under corruption and public uncultured attitute of the opponents. But we know about cricket, we know manner! So we can say ” SHOE ON THEIR FACE .
#Kochi_Bash given to them in double!!!!

Man of the Match this time is #Tariqul_Islam
The whole team performed like #Gracious and #OhMyGod !! Really happy and pleased with our #Nobin_Cricketers!!!

#Alimul_Reza played a thunderful strike and the most valuable partnership was between #Tariqul_Islam and #Junayed_Shafi. Our bowling was really well guarded but mistakenly gifted them much extra runs. Fielding was also superb as usual. Sorry but opening partnership didnt work like the last match but IN OVERALL IT WAS AN AWESOME WIN BY THE #Sparkling_Stars

PUBLIC IX : 143/10 ( 15.2 overs )

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